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June 2023

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Horatti notice unusual thing in Kalyana Karnataka, writes lengthy letter to Energy Minister


Hubballi: The Chairman of Karnataka Legislative Council, Basavaraj Horatti, wrote a lengthy letter to Energy Minister V Sunilkumar expressing concern over street lights remaining on during daytime in parts of the Kalyana Karnataka region.

Horatti said that he recently visited Raichur and Mantralayam on January 24 and 25 by road to take part in various programs, and on the way, he noticed that street lights were on even during the daytime. He said after his car passed through Koppal city, he noticed the street lights were on in many towns, like Gangavathi, Sindhnur, Manavi, Gorkal, and many villages.

He said he was very upset looking at the streetlights were illuminating unnecessarily in the backward region of the state. He said that the government spends more on grants for the development of the Kalyana Karnataka region, but basic awareness about the conservation of electricity has not been created in this region.

“Farmers complain that they do not have a sufficient supply of electricity to the pump sets to water the crops on time. “It is not yet possible to give sufficient electricity to the towns and villages of North Karnataka, South Karnataka, and coastal Karnataka, but here electricity is being wasted unnecessarily, which hurts most,” he said.

The issue of providing electricity to the farmers’ pump sets was raised many times, he said, and he added that he asked the commoners and elected representatives why the street lights are on during the day. They said it was a lack of maintenance.

He said it was a very serious and important issue. If energy department staff create awareness about the importance of saving electricity, it would be like indirectly producing electricity. He requested Energy Minister V. Sunilkumar to immediately look into the matter. “And give a strict warning to the concerned officials and ensure that these kinds of incidents should not happen in the future,” he wrote in his letter.

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