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June 2023

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Health Minister Urges Calm Amid H3N2 Variant Virus Surge, Govt Issues Guidelines


Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar conducted a meeting with the officials and with the experts of Technical Advisory Committed as the state and country is seeing a surge in H3N2 variant virus infections, after the meeting he addressed the press and while briefing about the meeting outcome, he urged people not to panic.

H3N2 Guidelines Issued

He said guidelines for the containing spread of the infection have been released and added that the Central government has set a target of 25 tests per week, with Victoria and Vani Vilasa Hospitals screening 25 cases of SARI and ILI to track the variants. Sudhakar said H3N2 infections normally affect children under 15, senior citizens over 65, and pregnant women.

To prevent the spread of infection, the Minister recommended measures such as cleanliness, avoiding crowds, and practicing good hand hygiene.

Sudhakar cautioned against taking antibiotics unnecessarily, stressing that medications should be given based on symptoms and only with a doctor’s advice.

He said annual influenza vaccinations are available, and healthcare workers were instructed to get them. Specific doctors and staff, including those working in the ICU, would be given vaccines by the government, which were discontinued in 2019 due to Covid but now resume in all 31 districts. ICMR scientists warn that H3N2 causes more hospitalizations than other subtypes, he said.

Guide one
In the view of increasing cases of seasonal flu, guidelines have been issued by state health department to prevent and control the spread of viral infection.

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