HDMC wastes money on a useless machine


Hubballi: There is an allegation against the Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation (HDMC) that the civic body purchases machines but cannot maintain them, and after a few years, the machines go to scrap. A new addition to this list is the thermal road repairer. The machine, which was purchased by the HDMC in the year 2018, has become defunct.

The HDMC, with much fanfare, had brought a thermal road repairer, claiming that the machine would be useful to fill potholes in the rainy season as this machine would use a heating mechanism to fill the potholes. Sources in the HDMC said that the corporation had purchased it for Rs 97 lakh. A few say the HDMC has paid only Rs 60 lakh for the machine. The irony is that the machine, in the span of almost three years, has hardly filled potholes and there is no exact data available with the HDMC officials on how often or how many potholes the machine has filled.

Speaking to www.hubliexpress.com, mayor Iresh Anchatgeri said that the machine had failed. They spent Rs 2 lakh for the repairs, but it was of no use. They sent a notice to the company that sold it to HDMC. He said that the company sold only one machine in the entire country and that too was for HDMC.

He said, “We don’t know what demo the company had shown it to then corporators and officers, but they purchased it and it was not at all useful.”

To avoid spending on useless products, the mayor recently stated that HDMC would not buy any equipment that has not been tried, tested, and successfully used by other corporations or government agencies.

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