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HDMC to create a new lung space using the ‘Miyawaki’ forest method in the city

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Hubballi: The Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation (HDMC) has decided to create a new lung space in the city using the ‘Miyawaki’ forest method.

The twin cities are the second-largest city after Bengaluru in Karnataka, and it is expanding rapidly. The city’s green cover is dwindling as a result of rapid urbanisation. Hence, the HDMC has decided to create a Miyawaki-style forest to increase the green cover.

The HDMC has identified 2.5 acres of land near Tolankere for the development of green space as part of its urban forestry scheme. The plot include urban forestry, a tree park, herbal medicinal plant park, and the remaining area will be open ground that will be developed into a children’s play area.
In an interview with HDMC Commissioner Suresh Itnal said, Dr. Akira Miyawaki, a Japanese botanist, created an urban forest using indigenous plants, according to him. These kinds of forests will act as an oxygen bank and work as lungs in that area.
According to Itnal, “The Miyawaki style of the forest will be 30% denser than the traditional forest.” Around 100 different trees will be planted in that space. These forests will reduce noise and air pollution by 30% more than traditional forests. Another distinguishing feature of this green space is that it consumes 30% more carbon dioxide than a traditional forest.”
“The goal is to improve green space and connect nature and man. The project will be developed under Corporate Social Responsibility, and residents will be able to plant saplings in the tree park in memory of their loved ones (memory plantation) so that people will feel connected to it and will take personal care of the plantation, according to the commissioner.
Itnal stated that, because Ayurveda has such a positive impact on our lives, herbal medicine is extremely important. As a result, the HDMC has decided to create a herbal park and protect these medicinal plants so that future generations can learn about our ancient knowledge.
He stated that a board would be erected alongside each herbal plant, which would also include the plant’s botanical name.
“Hubballi Rotary Club has extended their support for the project, and they will contribute Rs 33 lakh to develop Miyawaki forest, herbal medicinal plants, and tree park, and they will maintain it for one year before handing it over to HDMC,” the Commissioner added.

The commissioner stated they are also planning to create a canopy walk with the help of other organisations.

Itnal stated that the development of the park is already underway. HDMC will spend Rs 68 lakh on this project. “We also plan to build a walking track, street lights, and other amenities in this area for Rs 130 lakh,” he said.

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