HDMC officers conduct a raid on a parotta-making unit in Hubballi, close it for preparing them in the most unhygienic way


Hubballi: If you usually buy half-baked, ready-to-eat Kerala parotta (Paratha) or Malabar parotta, then you need to consider this news article seriously before you buy that food item next time.

The Hubballi Dharwad Municipal Corporation officials, led by its chief health officer, Dr. Sridhar Dandeppanavar, conducted a surprise raid on a parotta-making unit located in the Islampur area in the city and closed it for seven days after giving the unit’s owner a stern warning.

If you go by the words of HDMC officials, they found that the parottas were being made in a very unhygienic manner and if anyone sees the making process, he or she will not ask for a parotta in their lifetime.

Dr. Sridhar said that they conducted the raid based on the complaint and it was a surprise raid. “When we entered the parotta-making unit, most of the workers were sleeping in the unit, and the entire area was very untidy. The workers were not using gloves, masks, and head caps, and they were all bare-bodied and wearing just a chaddi. “They were storing the parotta’s near the washroom or restroom,” he said.

The health officer said that the unit did not have permission from HDMC but they had the necessary permission from other authorities. But HDMC conducted a raid based on the complaint that the food items were being prepared in an unhygienic manner. And we asked the manufacturer to close for seven days. If they show improvement and ensure that they prepare the food items according to guidelines, then they will be allowed to reopen. Dr. Dandeppanavar said that such raids would be conducted in the coming days.

Dr Sridhar Dandeppanavar and team made the workers to wear headgears and clothes while preparing the parottas

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