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HDMC Commissioner Suresh Itnal transferred

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Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation Commissioner Suresh Itnal has been transferred and IAS officer B Gopalkrishna will replace him.

Itnal has been the Commissioner of HDMC for the last two and a half years, and he will be remembered by the public for the people-friendly projects he initiated in the Twin Cities. It was Itnal who streamlined the comprehensive solid waste management system. His decision to eradicate garbage black spots in the Twin Cities was supported by the residents of the Twin Cities.

During the first and second waves of COVID, the HDMC did effective work in sealing down areas and sanitising the localities promptly as soon as Covid cases were detected. He had worked extensively to make the Twin Cities garbage-free. He was instrumental in setting up wet and dry waste segregation units at the junkyards. MRF units at the stationary compactor stations.

Suresh Itnal was not shown any post by the government, and an order in this regard is expected soon.

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