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May 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

HDBRTS forms task force to address rain-related issues

BRTS 12Workers cleaning a drain located adjacent to mix traffic lane between Hubballi and Dharwad on Thursday

Hubballi: It is nothing new for people to experience difficulty navigating the mixed traffic lane next to the Hubballi-Dharwad Bus Rapid Transit System (HDBRTS) dedicated corridor on Hubballi- Dharwad Road during the rainy season due to flooding caused by the lack of proper system and water from nearby roads accumulating on the lanes. Videos and images of mixed traffic lanes flooding in the past due to an inadequate passage system have also gone viral.

As of right now, according to HDBRTS, work has been started on mitigating this issue, and the storm drains next to the mixed traffic lane are being cleaned so that water can easily pass and prevent flooding on the road.

According to the HDBRTS company, flood-prone areas have been identified, cleaned, and precautions have been taken to prevent water from logging in those stretches of road.

According to the officials, a task force composed of an engineering team under the direction of the general manager (civil) has been established to work during this rainy season. The team will go to the location right away to address any complaints made by the general public. The officials requested that if they experience any difficulties, they contact the task force team by calling the BRTS control room at 18005991010, or by taking a picture or making a video of the issue and sending it to WhatsApp at 9611537436.

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