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HDBRTS all set to remove encroachments

Hubballi: Starting from March 15, the Hubballi-Dharwad Bus Rapid Transit System (HDBRTS) Company Limited will be conducting an encroachment clearance drive starting in Dharwad city limits.

The HDBRTS has said that they have found encroachments (buildings, compounds, fencing, and other structures or parts of the building structures) on footpaths developed by the company adjacent to the mixed traffic lane between Gandhi Nagar and Jubilee Circle and have issued a final notice giving a deadline of seven days to the encroachers to clear the encroachment themselves.

If they did not clear it, the HDBRTS, with the help of the police, would remove such encroachments from March 15. The HDBRTS has cleared such encroachments in Hubballi city already.

The company said footpaths are also government or public space and encroaching or doing any kind of activity according to the High Court’s order is an offence. Hence, in the better interest of the public, they should remove the encroachment voluntarily, said HDBRTS Managing Director Gurudatt Hegde.

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