HD Kumaraswamy offer help of Rs 10 k to Dharwad’s Muslim trader

HD Kumaraswamy
HD Kumaraswamy

Dharwad: Former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy offered a help of Rs 10,000 to Muslim trader Nabi Sab, whose fruits were destroyed on Saturday on the Nuggikeri Hanuman temple premises by members of a Hindu organization.

Members attached to a Hindu organisation destroyed fruits that were being sold by Nabisab, alleging non-Hindus are not allowed to do business on the temple premises.

On Sunday, HD Kumaraswamy’s supporters handed over cash to him. Initially, the old man refused to accept it, but later, after much convincing, he accepted it with folded hands. Teary Nabi sab requested that he be allowed to work and earn his bread.

Kumaraswamy’s fans and his supporters filled confidence in him and said that they would do all the possible support to restart his business once again.

Senior social worker Basavaraj Sulibhavi offered Rs 2,000 from his own pocket as assistance. Senior journalist Mustafa Kunnibhavi handed over the cash on behalf of Kumaraswamy. Senior journalist and social activist Nagaraj Kirangi was present.

Kiranagi said that account details of Nabisab would be shared with the donors, and anyone wanting to help the elderly man could help him.

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