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June 2023

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Groom fails to count money; bride cancles off marriage

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A-21-year-old bride cancelled her marriage when the groom failed to count currency notes which were handed over to him to count. This incident happened in Farrukhabad in Uttar Pradesh.

The priest during marriage procedures noticed the groom’s behaviour was abnormal, and this he brought to the notice of the bride’s family. The girl immediately stepped off the stage. This led to a heated argument between both families and the matter reached the police.

Bride’s family members told the news agency that they were not aware that the groom was mentally weak. And groom’s family kept them in dark and broke their trust. They also claimed that because of the trust, they did not meet the guy before the marriage. “When the priest informed us about the abnormal behaviour of the groom, we checked him, gave him 30 currency notes of Rs 10 and he failed to count them,” the relatives said, local media reported.

The police tried to intervene, but the girl did not listen, no case has been registered in this regard.

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