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Global College students take shot of hope in their arms

Hubballi: Shifa KD, a final-year BCom student, was overjoyed when she received her first Covid vaccine at her institution on Wednesday.

Her delighted look indicated that she had finally received the much-anticipated vaccination.

Selfie time: Students posing for selfie after receiving their jabs at Global College in Hubballi

Shifa, a Global College of Management, Information Technology, and Commerce student, was concerned about the injection because it would pierce the skin. “I was scared about getting an injection because it pierces the skin,” she continued, “but I accepted it and the immunization took seconds.”

Her friend Divya Habib expressed similar sentiments, saying she was looking forward to getting the shot and that her family members had also urged her to do so.

A student receiving the vaccine, dean Mahesh Deshpande and other faculty are also looking on,

Sujit SK admitted that he was first concerned, but that after receiving the injection, he felt relieved. “We shall be protected from the dreadful disease in some way. We were anticipating the arrival of the vaccine. I appreciate the college and district administrations coordinating an immunisation drive on the campus grounds “he stated

Mahesh Deshpande, the institute’s dean, who oversaw the drive, encouraged students to remain at safe distance and guided them through the measures to take following the immunization. He instils trust in his students.

Due to certain misunderstandings, the drive began late in the college. The students eagerly awaited the arrival of medical personnel carrying vaccine doses.g2

Every student was cheerful, and their positive mood reflected all the stories. The institute’s dean, Mahesh Deshpande, expressed gratitude to the district administration for organising the immunization programme at the campus.

According to Deshpande, they have about 1500 students, with 200 of them enrolled in the PU’s science and commerce section.


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