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Ghante Ganesha temple; Your wish will be fulfilled if you bow in front of this Ganesha.

Ghante Ganesha Temple, Yallapur: If you have a desire that is taking a long time to realize, or if your life is riddled with issues, don’t worry. Lord Ganesha will assist you. Every day, thousands of devotees come to this small Ganesha temple in search of the holy blessings of the Lord of the obstacle remover.

Yes, you read that correctly. Bow before this Ganesha if you need a solution to your troubles, and magic may happen in your life. Siddhi Vinayaka, also known as Ghante Ganesha, is considered to be a wish granter, and he is the one who rapidly listens to the pleadings of the people.

The Ghante Ganesha or Ghante Ganapati temple is located in Chandguli village, which is approximately 15 kilometres from Yallapur town in the Yallapur taluk of the Uttar Kannada district. Devotees from the district, our state, and neighbouring states come here to seek his blessings, and they vow to offer Ghante (bell) once their work is completed, and the thousands of Ghante (bells) hanging in the temple are proof that God always fulfils their wishes.

Many powerful figures came to the Lords’ temple in search of fulfilment of their desires. According to the temple priest, if people worship with sincere devotion, the Lord will undoubtedly listen to their prayers and grant their wishes.

He stated that after praying to the Lord, devotees make a wish and, once the desire is granted, they return here and perform seva to the best of their ability, but offering the bell is mandatory, according to the priest.

Sunitha, a Bagalkot native, had visited this temple a few years ago, and she was having difficulty building her house. She had many issues, including financial ones, but she sought the Lord’s blessings and constructed a beautiful house in Bagalkot city. She said he is very powerful.

Many devotees, like Sunitha, come here to pray for solutions to their issues. If you wish to visit this temple in the middle of a dense forest, you can go any day, but if you want to avoid the crowds, skip Tuesdays and Sankasti days.

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