Ganesha Idol Installation at Idgah: Tippanna Majjagi’s words mesmerise everyone

Tippanna Majjagi
BJP floor leader Tippanna Majjagi ( to the left )speaking on Idgah issue at the HDMC general body meeting in Hubballi on Thursday

Hubballi: As the general body meeting of Hubballi Dharwad Municipal Corporation (HDMC) was discussing the issue of allowing Hindu organisations to install Lord Ganesha’s idol at Idgah Maidan, all the HDMC members, including the ruling and opposition parties, expressed their views and were concluding that it is a sensitive issue and it may damage the law and order condition of the city.

The house leader of the ruling party, Tippanna Majjagi, took the discussion to a different level. His speech drew everyone’s attention, and his wise words made everyone reconsider this issue. Tippanna stated that everyone agrees it is a very sensitive issue that jeopardises the city’s law and order situation. ” Why should we speculate that the installation of the Ganesh idol will disturb the communal harmony? Communal incidents have happened in the past, but that does not mean that they will happen now as well. “Why should we spread anxiety and fear among the public from the house?” he questioned.

“Forget the organisations asking permission to install the idol, let us all join our hands to install the lord there and send a message to the public and spread the message of communal harmony. We should end this issue forever by installing the Lord there. All 82 members should join hands for this. If some other organisations from other religions want this place to celebrate their festival, then they should be allowed as well. “That place should become the symbol of communal harmony,” Tippanna said.

Tippanna Majjagi concluded his supporting views of other members that a house committee should be formed to decide on this matter.

The HDMC house committee will decide whether to install a Ganesha idol at the Idgah grounds

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