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Gadkari will be in Hubballi to lay foundation stone for Hubballi Dharwad bypass work

Hubballi: Union Minister for Road Transport and Highway Nitin Gadakari will lay the foundation stone for eight projects including six laning of Hubballi Dharwad Bypass on NH 48- which will be executed at a cost of Rs 1049.79 crore on February 28. He will lay the foundation stone for this project at Gabbur Cross on that day.

The minister will inaugurate Hubballi bypass connecting NH218 and NH63 and road improvement work from Bankapur chowk (km 405.200) Rani Chennamma circle (km 407.700 of NH4) to on old NH4( (SH 73 from km 249.00 to km 251.00) in Hubballi city limits.

This apart, the minister will dedicate 18 projects to the nation

Bhoomi Poojan

6 Laning of Hubli Dharwad Bypass on NH-48. 30.6 Km Rs.1049.79 Cr.

  1. 2 Laning with Paved shoulders of Haveri-Yekkambi-Sirsi Road on NH-766EE. 74.8 Km Rs.174 Cr.
  2. ROB at Km 15 (inlieu of LC-75) on NH-218. 1.51 Km Rs. 58.12 Cr.
  3. Widening to 4 lanes from Km 133.00 to 158.040 (Shirur cross to Gaddankeri) of

NH-367. 25.04 Km Rs. 350.69 Cr.

  1. Widening to two-lane with paved shoulders/four-lane from km 105.000 To

110.838 (Anantpur-AP Border to Molkalmuru town) of NH-544DD. 5.84 Km Rs. 32.21 Cr.

  1. Widening to 2-lane with paved shoulders from km 33.130 to km 40.230 and km 52.000 to km 71.000 (Existing chainages) of Bhanapur – Gaddankeri section of NH-367. 25.07 Km Rs. 172.98 Cr.
  2. Widening to 2 lane with paved shoulder from km 103.225 (Pattadakal) to km 133.00 (Shirur cross) of NH-367. 26.08 Km Rs. 264.15 Cr.
  3. Widening to Two Lane with Paved Shoulders from Design Km 410.600 (Existing Km 413.740) to Design Km 441.900 (Existing Km 447.610) of NH-150A (Hiriyur – Huliyar Section) 31.3 Km Rs. 139.88 Cr.

8 Projects 220.24 Km Rs. 2241.82 Cr.

Dedicating project to the nation

  1. Six Laning of Chitradurga-Davanagere including Chitradurga bypass, 72.7 Km Rs. 1434 Cr.
  2. Six laning of Davanagere – Haveri from km260.000 to km 338.923 of NH-48 (old NH-4) under NHDP Phase-V. 78.923 Km Rs. 1177 Cr.
  3. Six laning of Haveri Hubli Section of NH-48 (Old NH-4) from Km.340.000 to Km.403.400 (63.40Km) under NHDP Phase-VI. 63.4 Km Rs. 2821.19 Cr.
  4. Four laning of Hubli Hospet Section of NH-67 (Old NH-63) from Km.128+850 to Km. 272+571 (143.721 Km) under NHDP Phase-IVB. 143.721 Km Rs. 2722.26 Cr.
  5. Four Laning from KM 308.550 to KM358.500 Byrapura to Challakere section of NH-150A on Hybrid Annuity Mode under Bharatmala Pariyojana – Package –II. 49.95 Km Rs. 841.7 Cr.

Improvements to NH-206 Widening the road from single Lane to Two Lane & intermediate Lane to Two Lane from Km 299.600 to 348.00 of NH 206. 48.4 Km Rs. 58.12 Cr.

  1. Construction of bypass to Hubli city connecting NH 218 &NH63. 3.8 Km Rs. 113.77 Cr.
  2. Improvements to road from Bankapur chowk (km 405.200) Rani Chennamma circle (km 407.700 of NH4) to on old NH4( (SH 73 from km 249.00 to km

251.00) in Hubballi city limits.

2.5 Km Rs. 39.09 Cr.

  1. Widening to 2L+PS from km 4.40 to 56.00 of NH 218 Bijapur-Hubli Section. 50.53 Km Rs. 291.49 Cr.
  2. Bijapur-Hubli section Km 56.000 to Km106.000 of NH-218. 50 Km Rs. 159.12 Cr.
  3. Bijapur-Hubli section Km 106.000 to Km153.000 of NH-218. 47 Km Rs. 165.67 Cr.
  4. Widening from two lane to four lane from km 106 to 110 of NH 63 Ankola Gooty section of NH-63 in Kalagahatagi Town Limits. 4 Km Rs. 50.23 Cr.
  5. Widening to Two/Four Lane with Paved Shoulders from Km. 79.650 (Existing Km.85.880) to 118.470 (Existing Km.125.300) End of Yadgir Bypass to Andhra Border Section of NH 150. 38.82 Km Rs. 329.01 Cr.
  6. Widening to 2 lane with paved shoulders from Km.214.880 (Ex.Km.215.00) to Km.235.100 (Ex.Km.235.000) of Tekkalakote – Sindegeri village section of NH-150A. 20.22 Km Rs. 94.01 Cr.
  7. Construction of two lane with paved shoulder from Km.13.00 to Km.33.160 of NH 367 Bhanapur to Bagalkote section. 18.42 Km Rs. 96.88 Cr.
  8. 4 laning of Koppal city limits from Km 248/300 to km 255/160 of NH 63, Ankola-Gooty Section. 6.86 Km Rs. 83.94 Cr.
  9. Construction of distressed Minor Bridge on NH-150A at Km.127.537 of Jewaragi-Chamarajnagar Section. 0.01 Km Rs. 4.73 Cr.
  10. Improvements/widening to road from Jubli circle on NH-4 at Km 427.680 to Narendra bypass at Km 433.300 in Dharwar city limits. 5.62 Km Rs. 71.09 Cr.

18 Projects 704.874 Km Rs.10553.3 Cr.

Grand Total – 26 Projects 925.114 Km Rs.12795.12 Cr

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