Gadag Zoo is getting ready to welcome two Asiatic lions

Gadag Zoo
picture for representation purpose only

Gadag Zoo will welcome two Asiatic lions on December 8. The male (Shiva) and female (Ganga) were obtained through the animal exchange programme from the Kamala Nehru Zoological Park in Indore or Indore Zoo.

The Central Zoo Authority (CZA) recently allowed the swap. In return for the lions, the Gadag Zoo has given Kamala Nehru Zoological Park a pair of wolves, Kapil (male) and Kasturi (female).

Gadag Zoo, which opened in 1972, is celebrating its golden jubilee this year, and the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) has permitted animal exchange to mark the anniversary. On that day, Gadag MLA HK Patil would welcome Shiva and Ganga. He also conducts Bhoomi Pooja for the construction of wolves’ shelters.

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