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September 2023

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Gadag: Two Boys Drown in Rainwater-Filled Pond

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Gadag: In a heart wrenching incident, two young boys tragically drowned in a rainwater-filled pond, believed to be a consequence of soil mining. This heart-wrenching incident unfolded in Rehamat Nagar.

As per sources, the sequence of events began with one boy attempting to wash a calf in the pond. Tragically, he found himself in distress and submerged in the water. Responding to the dire situation, the mother of the boy and two other boys plunged into the pond in a valiant attempt to rescue the drowning youngster. However, the rescue mission took an unfortunate turn, resulting in the loss of these two brave boys’ lives.

Thankfully, the locals managed to pull the distressed lady and the initially drowning boy to safety.

A pond was created near railway track and it was filled with recent rainfall. A lady named Shaheen came to the pond with a calf with her son to wash the calf, but while washing the animal, her son started drowning. To rescue her son, the lady and two others, Santosh Kumbar,and Mohammad Aman jumped into the water but Santosh and Aman drowned, said the sources.

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