Gadag police solve Minaz murder case


Gadag: The police have solved Shobha alias Minaz’s murder by arresting four accused. Minaz was brutally killed by the accused near the busy Mulgund Naka circle in the city on Monday (September 3).

The accused have been identified as Chetan Hulkannavar, Rohan Kumar Ligadi, Kumar Maranbasari, and Srinivas Shinde. The police said Chetan and Rohan surrendered to the police on the same day, but Srinvas and Kumar were on the run. The police arrested these accused on Tuesday.

The police said Shobha alias Minaz’s husband, Wasim Bepari, had murdered accused Chetan Hulkannavar’s elder brother Ramesh Hulkannavar on December 14, 2020, and Chetan was planning to kill Minaz as revenge for the murder of his elder brother. They hatched a plan to finish her, and they brutally killed her near SB Bakery in Mulgund Naka in the city.

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