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June 2023

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From Gaming to Jail: The Story of Dharwad Man’s Online Games Addiction

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DHARWAD: The Vidyagiri police have cracked an intriguing case of theft that had the entire town buzzing. It all started when a transportation company manager filed a complaint with the police, alleging that thieves had stolen valuable items worth Rs 11.93 lakh from their godown in Rayapur area between April 22 and April 24. The stolen items included coconut oil bottles, sugar packets, and a soap box.

The complainant reported that the thieves had managed to enter the godown without breaking open the lock of the warehouse, which had baffled the police. However, the Vidyagiri police were determined to get to the bottom of the matter and began their investigation in earnest. They started by questioning all the employees of the transportation company, hoping to get some leads.

After a thorough investigation, the police zeroed in on the deputy of the manager, who also works as a team leader. It turned out that the accused was an avid player of online gaming and had bet heavily, losing nearly Rs 12 lakh in the process. To pay off his debts, he planned to sell the stolen items.

Initially, the accused denied his involvement in the theft, but after intense questioning by the police, he cracked and confessed to the crime. He admitted to throwing away the CCTV camera’s DVR in Unkal Lake, which the police later recovered.

The police also recovered the stolen items intact, which included 116 boxes of coconut oil containing 500 ml and 250 ml bottles, 110 bags of sugar weighing 50 kg each, and one box of bar soap.

The police Inspector Sangamesh Didginal and his team solved the case. Police Commissioner Raman Gupta congratulated the team for their swift action and commendable effort in solving the case.

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