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June 2023

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French Engineer loses testicle after policeman hit him between the legs

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Paris: A 26-year-old Franco-Spanish engineer lost his testicle after a French clubbed him between his legs during pension reform protests last week.

Images and video from Thursday’s protests are circulating online, showing a police officer punching a guy between the legs and then fleeing.

Lawyer Lucie Simon said she filed a case for “voluntary assault that resulted in mutilation by a person imbued with official power” on behalf of her client, who was photographing the gathering.

“He had to have a testicle removed since it was such a severe hit,” she claimed, adding that the engineer was still in the hospital. “This is not a matter of need or self-defence. The evidence is in the photographs we have and the fact that he was not arrested at the time.”

According to the lawyer, the engineer, who resides on the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, “is still in shock and keeps asking why” he was injured.

The police have launched an internal investigation into this incident. Protests around France erupted over President Emmanuel Macron’s intention to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64. Around 80,000 protesters marched on last Thursday in Paris.

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