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By Dr NV Palkar

Anesthesiologist, Florida, USA

I did not have to go to Arizona to ‘learn‘ this, except I had to go there to see it boldly displayed in the desert!

Nothing could be more TRUE than this. Throughout human history, actually dating back to the ice ages and cavemen, we have seen that men and women have had to FIGHT for their freedom. It has never been free!

Freedom comes in different packages, different forms, or different tones.

Yet, until you fight to get it, it is not given to you; you have to earn it!

Freedom of speech or religion is an obvious example. Many other times, it’s’ little things‘. Sometimes it concerns an entire group of people or a nation, but many times it concerns only a diminutive group or just one person.

It could be a small group of women in a workplace ‘fighting‘ to rid themselves of harassment, or a housewife in a middle-class family ‘fighting‘ for “equal rights”.

As much as ‘fighting‘ itself is bad, fighting itself is a survival strategy!

Without a fight, people succumb to being ‘walked upon‘ or ‘taken for granted’.

Don’t ever give up. Fight for what is right. Fight for what is good.

It may take time, but it always does. If you don’t fight, you convey a message of agreement with the status quo. Do not put up with the status quo for fear of being ridiculed or rejected.

Some fights have taken decades to win!

After all, freedom from what you are tied down with is so liberating. The time, energy, money, and heartache are worth it.

This is what history has proven.

Freedom is not free, but worth fighting for, whatever the ‘item‘ that one finds that, in any way shape or form, holds a person’s full God-given potential to blossom! After all, in this life, this is the only life one is going to have!

Fight till you get it or fight till the end.

Freedom is not free.


( Author’s first name is Shashi)

( Only headline and photograph might have been reworked by the team hubliexpress.com )

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