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September 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

Four Organizations Seek Permission for Ganesha Installation at Idgah, Over 20 Opposed

Ghante Ganesha

Hubballi: In the midst of the ongoing debate and controversy surrounding the installation of a Lord Ganesha idol at Idgah Maidan, four organizations have formally applied for permission from the Hubballi-Dharwad Municipal Corporation to set up the idol at the Idgah Maidan. Conversely, more than 20 organizations have urged the civic body to withhold permission for any celebrations at this location.

HDMC Commissioner Ishwar Ullagaddi disclosed this information during a conversation with reporters on Wednesday.

He also addressed MLA Arvind Bellad’s statement, the MLA alleged that the proposal for installing the Ganesha idol at the ground the HDMC commissioner had forwarded to the Deputy Commissioner, who subsequently passed it on to the government and the government is sitting on this issue.

The Commissioner clarified that he had not forwarded any such proposal himself but mentioned that he would engage in discussions regarding this matter with senior officials such as the Police Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner. He pledged to announce the decision to the media within the next day or two.

MLA Bellad Warns of Defiance if Ganesha Idol Permission Denied at Idgah Maidan

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