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Four found dead in a house in Ujjain

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In Ujjain’s Janaki Nagar, a tragic incident unfolded on Thursday as four lifeless bodies were discovered inside a residence. Superintendent of Police, Sachin Sharma, informed the media that the family was residing in a rented house and preliminary investigations suggest it may be a case of suicide.

The deceased have been identified as Manoj Rathore, his live-in partner Mamta, Mamta’s son Lucky, and her daughter. Both of Mamta’s children were from her previous marriage, as Manoj had separated from his first wife. Rather than remarrying, Manoj and Mamta had been in a live-in relationship for the past five years.

The Superintendent of Police mentioned that this family had relocated to Ujjain from Jaisinghpura just three months ago and had been living in a rented house. Upon arriving at the scene, the police observed foam oozing from the mouths of three of the individuals, prompting the involvement of a forensic science team for further investigation.

According to a neighbor named Jitendra Solanki, he was the first to enter the room when people who knew Manoj came over to visit at around 10:30 in the morning. They had reported that the door to the house was not opening. Jitendra explained, “When we reached, we saw that a crowd of people had gathered nearby. Even after knocking for a long time, no one opened the door. After this, I pushed hard, and suddenly the door opened. Everyone was horrified by the scene inside.”

Upon closer inspection by the police, Manoj Rathore was found hanging inside the room, while the lifeless bodies of his live-in partner Mamta and her two children were discovered nearby, all exhibiting signs of foaming at the mouth.

Sumitra Shinde, Mamta’s aunt, shared that Mamta had been living with Manoj Rathore for five years after leaving her first husband due to disputes and domestic violence. Both Manoj and Mamta lived in houses opposite each other, and their friendship eventually led them to decide to live together. Despite attempts by relatives to persuade Manoj otherwise, he continued to accumulate debts. The exact amount of debt remains unknown, but creditors were reportedly demanding repayment daily. It is possible that Manoj’s overwhelming debt burden played a role in his decision to take such a tragic step.

Mamta had been married 15 years ago in Nagda, but she left her husband due to his abusive behavior. Manoj, on the other hand, had married in 2017, but his wife suffered from mental illness, leading to their separation. Mamta had relocated from Nagda to Ujjain and began renting a house opposite Manoj’s residence, where their fateful connection began.

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