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June 2023

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Former Minister Dr Sudhakar Points Finger at Siddaramaiah for Coalition Government’s Collapse

Dr K SudhakarDr Sudhakar addressing gathering after inaugurating Namma Clinic in Hubballi (File photo)

Bengaluru: In a startling revelation, former health minister and ex-Congressman, Dr Sudhakar, has accused senior Congress leader Siddaramaiah of playing a role in the collapse of the JDS-Congress coalition government in Karnataka. Dr Sudhakar took to Twitter to shed light on his decision to leave the Congress party and contest as a BJP candidate in the subsequent by-poll, triggered by the defection of several legislators including him.

Dr Sudhakar said “During the JDS-Cong coalition govt in 2018, whenever MLAs went to the then Coordination Committe Chairman Shri Siddaramaiah with their concerns, he used to express his helplessness and say that he has no say in the govt and his constituency/district works itself are stalled.(SIC)”

“Further, Shri Siddaramaiah used to assure MLAs to wait till 2019 Lok Sabha polls and come what may he won’t allow Shri HD Kumaraswamy led coalition govt to continue even for a single day after Lok Sabha polls.”

“Ultimately some of us had to inevitably quit Congress and go back to the people in bypolls, to protect the karyakartas and supporters in our constituencies. Can Shri Siddaramaiah deny the fact that he had no role, implicitly or explicitly, in this move by Congress MLAs? (SIC),”Dr Sudhakar said.

Former minister for cooperation, ST Somashekhar supported Dr Sudhakar’s claim and stated that “Despite being the Chairman of Coordination Committe Shri Sidddaramaiah always expressed his helplessness to address the concerns of MLAs during Cong-JDS coalition government. No one can deny the truth that this pushed some of us to quit the party and go for by-polls.”

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