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June 2023

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Former CM Shettar Speaks Out: The Real Reason Behind His Election Run

jagadish Shettar

Hubballi: Former Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar, who joined the Congress, just a day ago, has expressed his disappointment with the BJP’s decision to deny him a ticket in the upcoming elections.

Shettar stated that if the party had informed him of their decision at least 10 days before the process of filing nominations, he could have accepted it. He said, he received a phone call from BJP state election in-charge Dharmendra Pradhan just two days before the process and was informed of the party’s decision in a single line.

Shettar said he felt that the way the party handled the situation was rude and disrespectful, as they could have summoned him to Delhi and explained the decision to him politely. He also mentioned that if Pradhan had offered him a position during their first call, he would have considered it. However, he felt that the party’s arrogant behavior and lack of respect toward a senior leader had hurt his self-respect.

Shettar expressed his disappointment and frustration with the way the party had treated him, stating that it was not just about the ticket but also about the respect he deserved after serving the party for many years. He had initially intended to leave politics ceremoniously, but the party’s actions had forced him to contest the elections and switch parties.

Jagadish Shettar has criticized the BJP for their rude and disrespectful behavior towards him, and for sidelining a leader who had worked hard for the party for many years. He expressed his disappointment with the way the party handled the situation, which ultimately led him to contest the election and switch parties.

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