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June 2023

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Former Chief Minister Shettar Seeks Advocates’ Support to Pass “Agni Pariksha”

Shettar with advocateFormer CM Jagadish Shettar with advocates at the new court complex in Hubballi on Friday

Hubballi: Former Chief Minister of Karnataka, Jagadish Shettar, who is contesting as a Congress candidate from Hubballi central constituency, sought the support of advocates to help him pass the Agni Pariksha or trial by fire that he believes he is facing in the upcoming elections.

In an address to advocates at the new court complex on Friday, Shettar spoke at length about the circumstances and the reasons that led to his exit from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) after serving the party for 30 years.

Shettar, who had initially worked as an advocate, spoke fondly of his days in practice and acknowledged the support he had received from the legal community in his previous electoral campaigns. He explained that he was not power-hungry and was contesting the election from a place of self-respect.

Shettar went on to explain that he was forced to leave the BJP and that a systematic plan had been hatched to politically sideline him. He stated that the BJP candidate had started a whispering campaign against him and spread negativity, but he had been confident of receiving the party ticket. Despite his efforts for the party, he was denied the ticket, and from the past year, efforts had been made to sideline him politically.

Shettar expressed disappointment in the manner in which the party had conveyed its decision to deny him the ticket, saying that it could have been handled more diplomatically. He added that he had been offered a few alternatives after resisting the decision, but he had rejected them as his commitment was always to the people of Hubballi.

Congress leader PH Niralkeri and Hubli Bar Association President CR Patil and others were present.

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