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For the first time in North Karnataka, Suchirayu Hospital doctors perform TIPSS procedure


Hubballi: For the first time in North Karnataka, a team of doctors from interventional radiology, gastroenterology, and hepatology units from KLE Suchirayu Hospital performed a trans-jugular intrahepatic porto-systemic shunt (TIPSS) on a patient suffering from liver cirrhosis.

A medical team led by Dr Venkatesh HA, endovascular and interventional radiologist, and Dr Sandeep Kambar, gastroenterologist and hepatologist, performed this minimally invasive procedure on a 60-year-old male from Hubballi City.

Speaking to reporters, Dr Sandeep Kumbar and Dr Venkatesh HA said that “It is for the first time that the TIPSS procedure was done in the North Karnataka region.” The patient was suffering from liver cirrhosis and his abdomen used to get filled with fluid again and again, which the doctors used to remove. The patient was not responding to any of the treatments, and his only option was a liver transplant, but in this case, that was also not possible because of his medical condition.

Hence, an alternative to transplant was planned, and it was decided to go with the TIPSS procedure. The procedure lasted an hour, and the patient recovered well, they said. The doctors said the procedure was performed as “a bridge to transplantation.” Now the patient may take up to three years before he can actually go for a transplant, they said.

Dr Kumbar and Dr Venkatesh said that the procedure was a minimally invasive one and was performed by giving just local anaesthesia.

They said this procedure is helpful for patients suffering from refractory ascites, varicose bleeds, and hepatic hydrothorax.

Dr Ashok Kumar, Dr Manjappa, Dr Narendra Hiregoudar, and Dr Sagar Kolli extended their support to perform this procedure.

CEO of the hospital Dr Jaikishan and others were present.

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