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Food blogger eats 21 plates of Chole Kulche in 30 minutes, video goes viral

You’ve probably heard of food challenges, where you can get everything for free if you eat a tremendous amount of food in a short period of time. Several establishments in Delhi even offer prizes for completing similar food challenges. A man named Rajneesh Gyani runs the ‘Are You Hungry’ Facebook page and YouTube channel, where he takes on all of these challenges and demonstrates that they can eat and win money at the same time.

The food blogger has previously covered a chole kulcha restaurant in Delhi, where they provide prize money for completing their popular food challenge, in which one person must finish eating 21 plates of Chole kulche in half an hour. If you complete the challenge, the restaurant will offer you Rs 50,000 in cash, but if you do not, you must pay the Rs 2,100 bill.

They have now launched a new challenge in which you may win a brand new bullet bike, which starts at roughly Rs 1.48 lakh. After not eating for two days, the food blogger returned to the same location to undertake their new challenge. He can be seen on camera accepting the challenge and devouring chole kulchas one after the other. The video, which was uploaded on Facebook, has received over 12 million views.

The blogger, knowing that the owner was sad after he won the challenge, returned the bike keys to him and asks him to continue with the challenge and if any of his subscribers wins the challenge, then give this prize to that winner.

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