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September 2023

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Following Puneeth’s death, young and middle-aged people flock to cardiologists.


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Following the death of matinée idol Puneeth Rajkumar, many young and middle-aged people are flocking to city cardiologists with worry and fears.

Many people have been shocked by the untimely death of the prominent actor, and they are unable to process the idea that the actor is no longer alive.

The actor’s untimely death from cardiac arrest has sent shockwaves throughout the state, and many are so terrified that they are seeking the consultation of cardiologists to examine the condition of their heart.

Dr Rajkumar Hiremath, a cardiologist from Suchirayu Hospital and Sajjalshri Heart Clinic on IB Road in the city, said that in the last two days, his OPD has registered more patients. There has been a 25 per cent increase in consultations for three days. He said many were visiting him for their heart health check-up and a few with complaints of chest pain, while others complained that they were unable to sleep or were anxious.

Dr Hiremath said young and middle-aged people were among the patients. He advised young people, to remain fit and fine they should quit bad habits if they have, lead a quality life, and do normal exercise—enough to keep a person fit. Doing yoga is the best exercise. He advised people to consult the cardiologist once a year, especially those who have a strong family history of cardiac-related problems and those with high blood pressure and sugar.

Dr Hiremath said risk factors for heart attack can be identified by doing ECHO, TMT, and cholesterol tests.

Dr Ameet Sattur, who practises at Sattur Heart Care, said that there was a slight increase in OPD consultations on November 1, but it was not more than 20-25 per cent and most of them were follow-ups. Those coming for a routine heart check-up following Puneeth’s incident are fewer, he said.

Dr Prashant M, a cardiologist who runs the Hrudya Super Speciality Heart Clinic at Belaumkar Complex near Court Circle, said after Puneeth Rajkumar’s death, there was definitely increased awareness about heart disease and he said he was seeing more follow-up cases from the last two three days.

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