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September 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

Flyover at Rani Chennamma Circle: Expert Committee Suggest Recommendations

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The expert committee formed to review and examine the suggestions, concerns, and comments received from the public on the proposed construction of an elevated corridor for the decongestion of traffic at Rani Chennamma Circle has made recommendations in six sections, addressing each of the major concerns raised by the various organizations and citizen groups.

Speaking to reporters, KLE Technological University Vice-Chancellor Dr. Ashok Shettar, who was part of the committee, said that the committee will submit the recommendations to the National Highway and they will, in turn, send them to the Ministry of Highways and Road Transport. The recommendations would also be forwarded to the state government.

He said that the members of the committee participated in an interactive public meeting to seek further information and clarifications, studied the DPR and other technical documents, interacted with the consultant appointed by NHAI, studied the survey data, information, held elaborated discussions with concerned engineers of the NHAI, held discussions with BRTS and Smart City project authorities, and undertook several site visits and inspections, he said.

Dr. Shettar added that the above formed the basis for further deliberations and discussions. The members looked at several options and put in efforts to understand the pros and cons of considering the region’s current, short-term, and long-term growth and development in a holistic manner. He stated that the committee arrived at the recommendations after extensive deliberation.

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