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FIR says gangster Bachcha Khan tried to escape

Hubballi: According to a complaint filed by head constable Yogesh Tatwachari, gangster Bachcha Khan attempted to flee the escort police with the assistance of a couple of his associates.

The escort police from Ballari were accused of allowing Bachcha Khan to spend private moments with his lover at Prakruti Lodge, but the constable did not mention this in his complaint. Instead, he claims that Bachcha Khan told the police that he was hungry and wanted to eat something, and that he asked them to halt the car on their way back to Ballari central jail after appearing in court in Dharwad on Saturday (August 20).

According to his allegation, they escorted him to a hotel near the lodge, but in order to evade the police, he entered neighbouring Prakruti Lodge, and his associates hindered them from capturing him, but they successfully hunted him down and captured him.

According to the police constable, his accomplices impeded their way and obstructed their duties in order to help Khan escape from the police. He said that they had finally apprehended Khan and his accomplices, Moinuddin Patel, Mohammed Yunus Hulguri, and Fhazal Kundagol.

Bed arranging case for gangster: SP suspend four cops

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