Farmers block highways near Hebsur and Shiraguppi for a while

Farmers block NH 63 demanding that the procurement centres should buy green gram at the earliest

Hubballi: Demanding the government to immediately purchase green gram at the procurement centres, farmers from Hebsur and Shiraguppi staged a flash protest by blocking the Hubballi-Solapur highway (NH52) and Hubballi-Gadag Road (NH63) near Hebsur and Shiraguppi on Thursday.

The farmers alleged that despite the administration having established green gram procurement centres, the pulse is not being purchased, citing excess moisture in it.

Former MLA NH Konaraddi visited the protest site and urged the government to immediately buy green gram. He charged that farmers were bringing the produce to the procurement centres, but the staff at the procurement centres were not accepting the produce, citing excessive moisture in it. He also claimed that only 30% of farmers who suffered crop loss had received compensation, while the remaining 70% were still waiting.

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