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June 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

ERSS to include Fire and Emergency Services in a couple of months: Praveen Sood

ERSSDG IGP Praveen Sood and other officials released the posters highlighting importance of 112 ( Photo Credit Vijay Bakale)

Hubballi: The Director General of Police and Inspector General of Police, Praveen Sood, said that the Fire and Emergency Services will soon be integrated into the Emergency Response Support System (ERSS).

Speaking at an event organized by the Hubballi-Dharwad Police Commissionerate here on Thursday, Sood revealed that the process of linking fire and emergency services to ERSS has already begun and is expected to be completed within the next few months.

ERSS a tech revolution

Sood praised ERSS as a significant technological advancement, stating that it eases the workload of police personnel by promptly responding to distress calls, with most incidents resolved on-site. He also noted that 112 staff in Hubballi-Dharwad reach the site within five minutes of receiving information, which is better than the state’s average of 6 minutes.

In addition, Sood commended Lok Spandana, a QR-based service that solicits public feedback on police services. The complainant can scan the QR code affixed to the police station and share their feedback on the quality of service provided to them. Sood instructed Police Commissioner Raman Gupta to prioritize negative feedback, as it would help improve public service.

Sood also praised the Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS), stating that it would make traffic rules enforcement more transparent. He explained that cameras installed on the roads will capture images of traffic violators, and the system will issue a fine challan delivered to the vehicle owner’s address. In Bengaluru alone, about 1 lakh traffic challans are being issued every day, Sood stated.

Police Commissioner Raman Gupta highlighted that 74 Ai-DL-enabled traffic enforcement cameras have been installed in the twin cities, covering important junctions. These cameras not only aid in traffic enforcement but also aid in crime detection, as the system can trace the movement of vehicles through all cameras if police enter the vehicle number into the system.

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