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September 2023

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Engineer Loses Rs 39 Lakh in Pursuit of Part-Time Job

Gadag: An engineer in Gadag, Sandeep Patil, fell victim to cyber tricksters, losing a staggering sum of Rs 39 lakh after being lured by a part-time job offer. According to the police, Sandeep Patil, a resident of Hudco Colony in Gadag city, is the unfortunate victim in this case.

The cybercrime police reported that Sandeep received a part-time job offer via his WhatsApp inbox, seemingly from a woman named Anika. Subsequently, he was assigned tasks by three other individuals. Upon completing these tasks, the miscreants deposited Rs 20,24,800 into his bank account. However, when Sandeep attempted to withdraw the deposited amount, the fraudsters froze his account, leaving him helpless.

In an attempt to unfreeze his account and recover his money, the fraudsters coerced Sandeep into depositing funds into their accounts. This deceitful process resulted in Sandeep gradually losing a total of Rs 39 lakh.

The extent of the deception became apparent when the fraudsters demanded an additional Rs 5 lakh from Sandeep. Realizing that he had been cheated, Sandeep registered a case with the cybercrime police.

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