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June 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

Electric Scooter Business Dream Turns Sour: Hubballi Man Scammed for Rs 7.64 Lakh


Hubballi: A city-based diploma holder with dreams of establishing his own electric scooter business has suffered a significant loss of Rs 7.64 lakh due to online fraud. The cybercrime police reported that a 32-year-old Vidyanagar, Shiggaon Park resident became a target of cybercriminals.

The man was searching online for opportunities to become a dealership for electric bike companies when he came across a company called Simple Energy Private Limited. Intrigued, he submitted an application seeking a dealership for their e-bikes. Soon after, he received a call from an unknown individual claiming to represent the company. This person offered help in securing the dealership but requested an initial payment of Rs 29,500 for registration.

As the scam unfolded, the victim was coerced into depositing a total of Rs 1.37 lakh for an agreement and as a security deposit. The scammers then convinced him to transfer an additional Rs 5.97 lakh for purchasing e-scooters. Trusting the fraudsters, the victim complied and made the payments, only to later discover that he had been deceived.

The victim registered a complaint with cyber crime police and an investigation is going on.

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