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September 2023

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Early stage Kidney Patients Can Manage their Disease with the Right Know-how: Kidney Warriors Foundation

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Mumbai: At a recently concluded knowledge workshop, the Foundation brought together top Nephrologists of Mumbai to share their expert advice to patients on living with chronic kidney disease (CKD).

A book titled ‘Healthy Recipes for CKD’ was also launched at the event that details 130 recipes for CKD, Dialysis, and post-transplant nutrition.

Mumbai-based Kidney Warriors Foundation (KWF) hosted a knowledge workshop with the city’s top Nephrologists to address the concerns and questions of patients living with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). The workshop drew upon the expertise of the attending experts to take patients through all the essential steps for slowing down the progressive stages 1-5 of the disease while education them on managing their dialysis well and teaching them how to lead a normal life post a kidney transplant.

Kidney Warriors Foundation in association with Nephroplus launched a book titled ‘Healthy Recipes for CKD’ that has 130 recipes for kidney patients.

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During the half-day seminar, the Kidney Warriors Foundation also released a book titled ‘Healthy Recipes for CKD’ that has 130 recipes for kidney patients undergoing dialysis or have gone through a transplant. Doctors also shared tips on the wellbeing, care, and nutrition for CKD.

According to the American Association of Kidney Patients and the European Kidney Health Alliance, CKD is expected to become the fifth greatest global cause of death by 2040 making early education and acceptance necessary for kidney patients for long-term survival, an area that the KWF has been working on tirelessly over the last five years.

The event concluded with a Q&A session with patients and their families, who also got an opportunity to interact with people who have survived long years of CKD, dialysis, and successful transplants. Nephroplus – India’s largest dialysis providing network of India – joined hands with Kidney Warriors Foundation for this initiative providing knowledge, care, and assistance at the function.

The Kidney Warriors Foundation is the world’s first and only Kidney Patient Advocacy body to work for patient welfare. Since it was incorporated on December 20, 2017, the organization has made a significant contribution in helping patients change their mental state from anxiety to acceptance through education, discussion of personal challenges and supporting the kidney community with the message that their disease was ‘no longer a personal battle’. A stark increase in the youth being diagnosed with CKD makes the work of the Kidney Warrior Foundation further relevant. Please visit the website for more details

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