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May 2023

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Drumstick: The Superfood That Can Beat the Heat This Summer


Drumstick is the best advised, easily available, and does not cost burden to your pocket. Drumstick (Moringa oleifera Lam) is a tropical perennial tree vegetable, that belongs to the family Moringaceae. It is also called Sahjan or Munga in Hindi.

Nutritional Value of Drumstick

It contains over 90 nutrients and 46 types of antioxidants in its leaf and fruit helps in avoiding malnutrition, anemia, tuberculosis, asthma, cold, bronchitis, functional sterility, etc.

Drumstick is one of those rare plant species whose seeds, flowers, leaves, and stems are edible and extremely nutritious. This nutrient-dense plant has its roots in Ayurveda and was used as a medicine by our ancestors. It is the grandmother’s recipe for all occasions. It is a staple vegetable in Southern India and is also widely consumed in other states. Every part of the tree has medicinal value, which is well documented in Ayurveda.

Health Benefits of Having Drumstick in Diet

Improves Immunity

It contains vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system.

Good for diabetics

The vitamins and minerals present in the drumstick stem help in maintaining an optimum blood-glucose level. It is recommended for people with diabetes.


Reduces pimples, improves hair growth

It is rich in vitamin B, vitamin A, folic acid, and other nutrients which will help you in achieving flawless skin and lustrous hair. It is a blood purifier that helps in flushing out all the impurities present in your blood. It improves skin complexion and stops pimples.

Drumstick/ Sahajan/Moringa

Keeps your heart healthy

It is known to keep blood pressure within normal limits. Regular intake of drumstick leaves can help in keeping heart diseases at bay.

Stronger bones

Drum stick/Sahajan/Moringa

Consumption of drumsticks has also proven results in improving bone health due to the presence of an adequate amount of calcium and iron.

Drumstick (Moringa) leaf tea has weight-loss effects as its consumption leads to energy production instead of fat storage. The leaves are low-fat and nutrient-dense and can easily be viewed as an alternative to high-calorie foods.

(Written by Dr. Pramod N Sulikeri, Ph.D Sr. Transplant Coordinator, KLES Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital, Belagavi.)

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