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Dr Sudhakar requests private practising doctors not to prescribe branded drugs for poor patients

Mysuru: The Minister of Health, Family Welfare, and Medical Education, Dr K. Sudhakar, has requested private practising doctors not to prescribe branded drugs to poor patients on their prescriptions and instead write the chemical name of the medicine, given their financial situation. On humanitarian grounds, they should recommend those patients to buy generic drugs, he said.

He was addressing a gathering participating in the Jan Aushadi Day event in the city on Monday. He said that people should have faith in generic drugs. The medicines are available at a much cheaper price. He said if a drug is available at Re 1, the same generic drug costs just 20 paise in a Jana Aushadi centre.

In the generic drug house, people get quality drugs just like branded ones. Dr. Sudhakar stated that these drugs are made available to the public after passing tests, and thus people should not be concerned about the quality of generic drugs.

He said people spend 30-40 percent of their incomes to buy medicines for their ailments such as BP, diabetes, cancer, renal problems. As a result, given that generic drugs are now available to the public at 70-80 percent less cost, he stated.

Dr Sudhakar said that the government is planning to establish Jana Aushadi centres at all district and taluk hospitals and primary health centres. He said that in the next six months, as many as 500 new Jana Aushadi centres would be started.

So far, the country has more than 8,000 Jana Aushadi centres, and in the state, 952 centres have been established. Karnataka is in the third spot in terms of establishing these centres, and the government is intending to acquire the first position in terms of having Jana Aushadi centres, he said.

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