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June 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

Dr. Krantikiran is a “compassionate” person, but I don’t know how he cares for people in politics: Prasad Abbayya

Prasad AbbayyaMLA Prasad Abbayya addressing press conference in Hubballi on Tuesday

Hubballi: Hubballi-Dharwad (East) MLA Prasad Abbayya lashed out at the BJP for staging a protest against him and making false allegations against him, claiming that he did not develop the constituency. He said the allegations levelled against him by the BJP were false, and he did his best for the people of the Hubballi-Dharwad (East) Assembly constituency despite the lack of cooperation from the BJP government.

Speaking to reporters here on Tuesday, Abbayya said he did many good works in the constituency and that the Siddaramaiah-led government was generous to allocate funds to his constituency, and because of the Congress government, he started many developmental works.

He slammed Dr Krantikiran for claiming that his constituency lacked hospitals; the two-time MLA claimed he built a high-tech hospital in each of Sonia Gandhi Nagar and SM Krishna Nagar, each at a cost of Rs 75 lakhs. A hi-tech hospital in Mydar Oni is all set for inauguration, the PHCs in Banatikatta, Settlement, and Ganeshpet were upgraded, and this doctor claims that his constituency lacks a hospital.

I know how “compassionate” the doctor is.

“I know how “merciful” Dr. Krantikiran is,” Abbayya said, implying that the neurosurgeon is only concerned with money. “I don’t know how he cares for the people in the political field.” “He is a political newbie and made some allegations without considering the facts,” he said.

Abbayya said that Dr Krantikiran used to claim himself that he was from “Gowda” community, now, after reservation, he claims himself SC.

He also lashed out at former MLA Veerabhadrappa Halharvi, saying the former MLA did nothing when he was in power, but now he has turned a blind eye to the development works he initiated in the constituency.

Abbayya said that the state government diverted funds meant for his constituency and stalled the projects that were supposed to be started in the constituency, despite the fact that he built 2,700 houses for poor people. RTO office, overhead water tanks, 80 percent of the constituency has concrete roads, the UGD network, auditoriums, the beautifully designed and executed Janataa Bazar, the Ganesh Pet Fish Market, and many others, he said.

MLA Prasad Abbayya’s reaction to Dr Krantikiran

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