Don’t Let Holi Color Your Vision: Prevent Corneal Blindness with These Safety Tips

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India’s favourite and most enjoyable festival, Holi, is just around the corner, and Hubballi residents are all set to celebrate the festival of colours on March 11.

Everyone wants to take part in the celebration and wants to splash colour on each other and spend quality time with friends and family. The pleasant occasion may also be hazardous to your eyes if you don’t pay attention to it.

Synthetic Holi Colour May Be Alkaline or Acidic

Most people don’t know that the artificial colours used in Holi may contain lead and cadmium in traces, and most of the colours will be alkaline. If these colours get into your eyes inadvertently, they can cause corneal blindness, says ophthalmologist Dr. Rajashekhar Dyaberi.

He said since a person may lose vision if the colour gets into their eyes, it becomes very important to take precautionary steps and protect their eyes during the Holi celebration.

Here are some tips to keep your eyes protected during Holi celebrations.

Dr. Dyaberi asked the people to use natural colours instead of those made with chemicals. He said colours made from herbs are much safer than chemical colours. He said even if they use natural colours, they still need to protect the eyes. Since anything that goes into the eyes is foreign material and that also causes damage.

Dr. Dyaberi asked the revellers to use protective eyewear like goggles or sunglasses. These will help keep the colour out of your eyes and protect them from any other potential hazards.

He said that if colour gets into their eyes, they should not rub the eyes or blow; instead, they should wash the eyes with clean water immediately. If you go to an ophthalmologist, the doctor will check the liquid of the eyes to see if the colour was acidic or alkaline in nature using PH paper, and if the traces are still there, they will clean the eyes with 3-4 litres of saline to ensure that all the particles have been removed.

He said doctors will take a call or determine the next line of treatment after washing the eyes thoroughly.

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