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Do you know Hubballi has a Kashtbhanjan Hanuman temple?


Hubballi: In India, there are thousands of Hanuman temples, and it is said that every village will have at least one Hanuman temple, millions of people believe in Lord Hanuman and visit the temple every Saturday and Tuesday to get rid of problems, especially if a person is suffering from Sade Saathi.

Do you know there is a unique temple called the Sarangpur Kastabhanjan Hanuman temple in Gujarat’s Bhavanagar district where Shani Dev is in the female form at the feet of Mahabali Hanuman ji? Lakhs of devotees visit this temple to get rid of the wrath of Lord Shanidev, and it is believed that whoever prays in front of Hanuman in that temple, his or her problems melt like ice in the harsh sun, which is why that temple attracts devotees from every nook and corner of the country.

Do you know that in Hubballi, there is one Kashtbhanjan Hanuman temple? Yes, it is being run by Vishwa Hindu Parishat’s north Karnataka Seva Trust and VHP Hubballi-Dharwad district. This beautiful temple is located in Abhinav Nagar on the Anand Nagar main road. The deity is the same in the form of Sarangpur Kashtabhanjan Hanuman.

This is a very unique temple. You will find Lord Shanideva at the feet of Hanuman. It is said that Kastabhanjan (crusher of sorrow) Hanuman’s darshan removes all kinds of negativity from one’s life, and people who are affected by the negative energy visit Sarangpur, but you can visit this beautiful temple and seek the blessings of Hanuman.

Ghante Ganesha temple; Your wish will be fulfilled if you bow in front of this Ganesha.


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