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Did Minister BC Patil do a photoshoot?

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Hubballi: Minister for Agriculture BC Patil was in Gadag district’s Nargund taluk on Tuesday to spend a day with farmers, to listen to their plights and was to take part in various farm-related activities. But this programme failed to serve the purpose alleged by a few local media.

The minister allegedly spent a few hours in a sunflower crop field posing for photos. It is said that the minister had brought a team of photographers from Bengaluru, the local media claimed.

The objections were raised that the minister, instead of concentrating on the work for which he came to Gadag district, was involved in a photoshoot. He was seen posing for cameras in different poses. The cameramen used DSLRs. Drone cameras and gimbals to capture the minister in the best pose.

This alleged photoshoot was held in a sunflower field in Bairanhatti village in Nargund taluk.

It was not a photoshoot..

An officer who was with the minister at that time told that it was not a photoshoot. The minister was mesmerised by the variety of sunflower crop and while he was in the field and looking at the sunflower crops few photographs were clicked by the photographers and it was not a photoshoot as claimed by the local media, he clarified.


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