Diabetics should undergo diabetic foot assessment once a year: Dr Chetan Hosakatti

Dr Chetan Hosakatti
Dr Chetan Hosakatti

Hubballi: Diabetics must have their feet assessed once a year, which involves a sensation test, a vibration test, and a blood circulation test, said Vascular and Endovascular surgeon Dr Chetan Hosakatti.

Dr Hosakatti said that diabetics should visit a vascular surgeon to assess their feet once a year as they are specialists in it. He said most people do not know when to consult a vascular surgeon for vascular problems. Vascular surgeons are specialists who deal with varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, foot gangrene, blocked blood vessels, diabetic foot infections, and chronic non-healing wounds.

He was speaking to reporters here on Saturday on the occasion of National Vascular Day. Dr. Hosakatti said vascular surgeons are also trained in managing complex foot wounds and can prevent limb amputation when the patient presents on time.

According to Dr. Hosakatti, diabetes produces a deadly combination of reduced blood circulation and nerve damage, both of which contribute to inefficient wound healing in the lower extremities. Diabetes patients require special attention to their feet. Even minor injuries cause vessel closure, infection, and gangrene. The limbs must eventually be amputated.

He said, as per WHO, one limb is amputated every 6 seconds worldwide. He said he consults a good number of patients suffering from nerve damage every day. He stated that many patients with diabetes are careless when their feet are injured. As a result, the lesion does not heal and the blood vessels get increasingly clogged. They initially ignore it since they do not experience pain or discomfort. They only go to local doctors when someone points it out.

They only see an expert if there is no improvement and their toes are affected. The infection or gangrene begins without the patient’s knowledge. This means that a significant portion of the feet will have to be removed. However, if the patient sees a vascular surgeon, the patient can undergo surgery depending on the requirements, Dr Hosakatti explained.

He said proper foot care, a healthy lifestyle, and timely consultation with a vascular surgeon can keep a patient’s limbs healthy and safe.

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