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September 2023

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Hubballi / Dharwad

Dharwad School Debuts Karnataka’s First Space and Astronomy Lab

Dharwad, By Hubli Express News: Karnataka’s first Space and Astronomy Lab in government schools was inaugurated recently at Karnataka Public School, Karadigudda, Dharwad.

This landmark event was presided over by Shivleela Kulkarni of the Vishudeep Foundation. The establishment of this space lab coincided with the global celebration of the successful Chandrayaan-3 mission by ISRO, highlighting the dedicated efforts of a passionate team in Hubballi-Dharwad to impart knowledge and educate students about space and astronomy.

Space E Schoylar, an NGO committed to promoting space education in collaboration with the Himalayan Space Centre (an ISRO Certified Space Tutor), is on a mission to nurture young scientists, astronomers, and astronauts from an early age to shape their future careers. They have embarked on projects in partnership with the Department of Public Instructions in Dharwad to set up space labs in government schools.

Supported by individuals such as Vijay Sankeshwar, Anand Sankeshwar, Team Karnatak Chamber of Commerce, Hubli, MLA Arvind Bellad, and others, Team Space E Schoylar is determined to establish space labs in many more government schools.

The inauguration of the second and third space labs is planned in the coming weeks at Government High School, Kiresur, Hubli, and Government High School, RN Shetty Stadium Campus, Dharwad.

Speaking at the inauguration, Shivaleela Kulkarni emphasized that these labs will benefit not only students and parents but the entire community, fostering education about space and astronomy. Teachers were encouraged to actively create awareness and interest among students, contributing to their academic and professional growth.

S. Keladimath, DDPI, encouraged students to pursue careers in space and astronomy, highlighting the potential of rural students and the importance of support from various stakeholders.

Veerendra Bolishetty, Director of Dharwad Regional Science Centre, lauded Space E Schoylar’s initiative and expressed interest in collaborating with the Himalayan Space Centre to explore further opportunities in these fields.

These space labs will be fully equipped with wall fixtures, astronomy models, rockets, launchers, and telescopes to provide real-time observations of celestial bodies, including deep space objects.

The success of this endeavor owes much to the support of S. M. Hudedamani (DYPC RAMSA Dharwad), Team DDCLICS, Ottilie Anban Kumar (Founder and CEO of Evolve Lives Foundation and Founding Partner DDCLICS), Gerard Manik (PMO INDIA CLICS), Usha Kulkarni (Academic Advisor), Shreedevi Roogi (Founder President, Space E Schoylar), and Veeresh Patil (Co-Founder and VP, Himalayan Space Centre). Their dedication has been instrumental in making this project a reality.

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