Dharwad:: Police allow gangster to spend “private moments” with lover, nabbed by the police

Police Inspector JM Kalimirchi bringing the gangster to the police station

Dharwad: In an embarrassing incident for the police department, Ballari police allegedly allowed a gangster to spend private moments with his girlfriend in a hotel in Rayapur on Saturday, and at the same time, the Hubballi-Dharwad police conducted a raid on the hotel, nabbed the accused, and found that the Ballari police were waiting outside the hotel so that he could finish his “job”.

According to the police, Baccha Khan, a gangster, was brought to a court in Dharwad to appear in court. As the accused was being taken back to Ballari jail after court, the escort police allegedly allowed him to spend private moments with his lover. But the Hubballi Dharwad police conducted a raid on the hotel based on a definite tip-off and secured Khan, and brought him and the three policemen to Vidyagiri police station.

The police are inquiring the Ballari policemen who were escorting him and Baccha Khan. A case is likely to be registered by late night in connection with the case, said the police. The Ballari police allegedly allowed the accused to have a private moment and may face strict action.

The raid was led by Gokul Road Inspector JM Kalimirchi and his team. 

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