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June 2023

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Dharwad Man Falls Victim to Cyber Fraud, Loses Rs 17 Lakh

Cyber Crime

Hubballi: A- 39-year-old resident of Mahant Nagar, Kelageri in Dharwad, recently became a victim of a cyber-trickster, resulting in a loss of Rs 17.65 lakh. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of engaging with unknown individuals online, highlighting the potential risks and financial consequences involved.

According to the Cyber Crime Police, Podar received a message on his Telegram app from an unidentified sender. The fraudster, posing as a well-intentioned individual, enticed Podar with the promise of a part-time job opportunity. The fraudulent scheme involved earning money by posting hotel reviews online during his spare time.

Trusting the words of the trickster, Podar fell into the trap and proceeded to deposit a certain sum of money as requested, believing it to be a legitimate arrangement. Subsequently, the fraudster further manipulated Podar’s trust, convincing him to transfer additional funds to various Unified Payments Interfaces (UPIs).

It was only after a while that Podar realized he had been swindled by the trickster. Realizing the severity of the situation, he wasted no time and reported the incident to the Cyber Crime Police, who are now investigating the case.

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