Dharwad: Farmer install motor pump, sprinklers to water crops, thieves steal them in hours


Dharwad: A farmer lost Rs 76,000 worth of water pump set, sprinklers, nozzles, and wire installed at his farm to water the crops within hours of their installation.

The farmer was in shock to know that the equipment he installed last evening, there was no trace of that the next morning when he visited the field.

The incident happened in Shirur village in Navalgund taluk. Prakash Kengeri, 39, is the farmer who lost the equipment. Prakash had grown maize on his farm, and to water the crop, he purchased a new water pump set, sprinklers, nozzles, and wires. He installed those on December 13 evening and went home. When he returned to the farm the next morning, he found they were missing. He registered a case with Navalgund police, and an investigation is going on.

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