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Dharwad district makes good use of vaccines, with 8,786 extra doses administered out of the total provided doses.

Dharwad: Dharwad district has efficiently administered vaccines without any wastage. As of June 25, 4.25% of additional doses were given out of whatever doses the district received, according to administration sources. The sources said 8,786 extra doses were given due to the efficiency of the vaccinators and better logistics planning.

Speaking to Dharwad Deputy Commissioner Nitesh Patil said that Dharwad district is in fourth place in the effective utilization of vaccines in the state. “Whatever the doses we get every day, we give them to the beneficiaries. It is because of better planning and better management in the Covid vaccination drive,” the DC said.

“The 18+ age group is a large group, and we are inoculating as many beneficiaries as possible per day based on the availability of doses.”

“Things will improve in the coming days as more doses will be available and, meanwhile, the administration is planning to establish a mechanism to give real-time data on vaccine availability to the beneficiaries and may set up a helpline so that beneficiaries can inquire before visiting the vaccination centre so that it will help them unnecessarily visit the centre,” he said.


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