Dharwad: Baby-lifting rumours: Hallikeri residents restrain Budbudke people


Dharwad: Hallikeri residents allegedly restrained and beat three Budbudke people who were begging for alms in the village on suspicion of being child lifters.

The incident occurred this afternoon. Locals say one of the Budbudke men was thrashed by the locals and they were lodged in a room for a few minutes, but Superintendent of Police Lokesh Jagalasar said it looks like they were not manhandled or harmed. However, they would be sent for a medical examination to find out whether they were manhandled or not.

The SP said that they were genuine Budbudke people and not children or baby lifters. The locals believed the fake information or rumours that was doing rounds in the social media and based on that they restrained them; he said.

People should not believe rumours and should not forward such messages. If they find anyone roaming suspiciously or behaving in a suspicious manner, they should call 112 and inform the police. The police would be on the spot in minutes. The SP said it is the duty of the residents to inform the police if they find anything suspicious.

The SP also warned that police are keeping an eye on the people who are spreading these messages, and those who keep WhatsApp status or forward the unclaimed, unverified information will face the consequences. 

This incident panicked the residents of Annigeri taluk, and in a few schools, residents claim teachers asked parents to take extra care of their children and not to send their wards outside of their houses. In the entire Annigeri taluk this incident had become a hot topic, said one of the residents to Hubli Express.

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