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June 2023

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DGCA Approves Night Landings at Kalaburgi Airport, Enhanced Operations Expected

Kalaburgi airportFlight simulation trial was carried out by special aircraft flown in from delhi to Kalaburgi Airport for implementing night landing facility in the month of April ( File photo)

Kalaburgi Airport has achieved a significant milestone as it has been granted night landing permission by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

Previously restricted to operating flights only during daylight hours, the airport can now extend its operations into the evening, greatly enhancing its flexibility and potential for growth.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Dr. Chilka Mahesh, Director of Kalaburgi Airport, highlighted the positive impact of this development on the airport’s operations. With night landing capabilities, the airport can now accommodate flights well after sunset, opening doors for more airline operators to serve the region effectively.

In an official press release shared by the Department of Information and Public Relations (DIPR) Kalaburgi on social media, Dr. Mahesh emphasized that the approval from DGCA for night landings is a significant boost to the airport’s overall functionality. The absence of potential height restrictions in the approach of runway 27 played a pivotal role in securing this permission.

To ensure seamless operations, DGCA has advised the airport authorities to carry out runway threshold shifting on runway 09. Despite this modification, it is expected to have minimal impact on the approach and will not hinder flight operations significantly.

Dr. Mahesh expressed his gratitude to the state administration for their support in clearing obstacles around the airport premises. He also commended DGCA for their timely inspection and granting the permission, which will unlock new possibilities for Kalaburgi Airport’s future growth and connectivity.

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