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Demanding completion of road work, Vidyanagar residents stage a unique protest

Hubballi: If you ask any Hubballi residents which is the city’s most posh neighbourhood, they will surely say Vidyanagar, and it is the area where people want to live. Can you imagine that a few inhabitants near Jakaraddi Hospital are thinking about moving for a few months? And a few have already been temporarily displaced already courtesy, road dug for development left unattended and sewage water flowing continuously on that dug surface.

If you visit that area, it gives the feeling that you are walking in a slum. Locals, fed up with the incompetence of local corporator Roopa Shetty (Ward number 47) and the Hubballi Dharwad Municipal Corporation, organised a one-of-a-kind demonstration with Congress party workers. They floated the BJP symbols in the overflowing sewage water.

Vidyanagar Block Congress president Rajat Ullagaddimath and Kiran Hiremath led the demonstration. Protesters from the area joined in. The residents said that the road was dug up for development shortly after the monsoon began. The path has stayed unchanged since then. The dug road was creating problems for the local residents. It was worsened by the overflow of sewage water chambers, they alleged.

Residents of the area are getting sick as a result of the persistent odour, and when it rains, the road becomes dangerous. Many people have suffered in the excavated zone, said one of the residents.

Residents blame Corporator Roopa Shetty and HDMC for the problem. They demand that the road be repaired as soon as possible.

Rajat Ullgaddimath blamed the corporator and local MLA Jagadish Shettar, for the problem. Hubballi’s roads have been under construction for almost a decade. And if Shettar serves another term as MLA, the roads will stay in shabby condition. He believes that now is the best time to replace Shettar with a Congress MLA.

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